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SCRAPY @ myspace.com The Label: Grover
Empire (Lyrics: Kaiser)

„...this is 2007, brothers and sisters...
the empire is on its way to rise...
and there is no place to hide...
so listen...”

The empire's the new world order!
Don't you know it?
The empire's the new world order!
We know it!
Tell the truth and rot in your prison cell!
True words die away forever in this concrete hell!
Deaf, dumb, blind, we're watching from our „iron cage”...
the coming global „fate”!
I say, just like insects in a sticky web,
we struggle in their business net!
This time, don't be waiting for the spider, no!
By the capital we will be smashed!

The empire's the new world order!
Don't believe they'll take you to a promised land!
Don't reach for their cold and „immoral hand”!
Don't walk down another neoliberal way!
'Cause there may come the day...
there may come the day, when we will rise,
and we will feel the common thread!
When the „human capital” turns into a multitude,
to tell the system: „This is what you get!!”

Side by side...
in a line...
we'll walk on our way!!
We need the multitude!
Where is the multitude?!