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SCRAPY @ myspace.com The Label: Grover
On My Way (Lyrics: Kaiser)

You always said: "Don't walk away!
There are so many things, that I still have to say!"
I say: "And even if you pray,
love may last forever, but forever I can't stay!"
And when it's over, baby, you may feel,
I'm not the man, which I'm supposed to be!

Nothing lasts forever, but your sleep will last forever!
Jenny, I can't stay! I'm on my way!
Take a last drink, have a last wish.
Bittersweet is my last death kiss!
I can't stay! I'm on my way! I'm on my way!!

We both knew there will come the day!
When it's time to pack my things, to wave goodbye and say:
"I have to follow my own way...
out of your embrace, right into a stormy day!"

And when it's over...
Nothing lasts forever...