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SCRAPY @ myspace.com The Label: Grover
Radio Underground vs. Culture Industry (Lyrics: Kaiser)

You know, we're stuck in a dead end.
Everyday it's just the same.
Old paths, so hard we wanna leave them.
But their schemes show us the way.
We are so stereotyped...standardized. And atomized...dehumanized.
So, get along! Get along! Get rid of the dazzling shine!

All receivers to boost!!
Radio Underground's jamming...jamming through your head!
„Chaos City Rudeboy Sound” blows away your head!

Fed up with all their „next big things”!
A new band?? A New agony!!
What sounds so „radical” and „rebel”
bows to their „market philosophy”!
I say: Break down! Break down!
Break down all their role models!
Our splinter in your eye may remind
you on their lies!

All receivers to boost!!
Radio Underground's...We're breaking through!!!
„Chaos City Rudeboy Sound”

Na...na...na... na...na...na...na...na... Radio!!