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Rudie Can't Fail
(Music: Kaiser, Lyrics: Biertom)

All bad mind Rudies all around,
Open your ears and hear this sound!
You've been shooting all about town,
Better watch out or your face will frown!

Rudeboys here and Rudeboys there!
Rudeboys walk around everywhere!
Rudeboys there and Rudeboys here!
Babylon is coming so you better disappear!

Trenchtown is your hometown...Rudie can't fail!
Crime and trouble all around...Rudie can't fail!
'Lot of looting, 'lot of shooting...Rudie can't fail!
'Lot of dealing, 'lot of stealing...Rudie can't fail!

Tell me, did you hear what the people say?
No one knows what the Rudeboys know!
Why are you going on the "Rudeboy way"?
No one knows what the Rudeboys know!
Whatcha gonna do when the Babylon come?
No one knows what the Rudeboys know!
Where you gonna hide? Oh, where you gonna run?
No one knows what the Rudeboys know!

So you life a life in danger...Rudie can't fail!
Better trust no strangers...Rudie can't fail!
Police is trying to catch you...Rudie can't fail!
The court wants to condemn you...Rudie can't fail!

Why do you walk the streets at night? No one knows...
How do you party 'till the morning light? No one knows ...
Who knows all the spots, that nobody else knows?
No one knows...
What is the stuff that you stuff up your nose?
No one knows...

Another cemetary...Rudie can't fail!
But you don't seem to worry...Rudie can't fail!
Stop fooling 'round, my friend...Rudie can't fail!
Or it will come to a bitter end...Rudie can't fail!

All right, Rudeboys, listen to me now!
Listen Rudeboys, what I´ve got to say:
Rudeboys...Get wiser, soon will come the day
Rudeboys...When you have to pay for all the things you did
Rudeboys...For all the crimes, that you did commit!
Rudeboys...You set the town on fire!
Rudeboys...You shot the deputy!
Rudeboys...You are a goddamn liar!
Rudeboys...And I would plead "guilty"!

Rudie can't fail! Rudie can't fail! ...