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SCRAPY @ myspace.com The Label: Grover
Shot Down
(Music & Lyrics: Kaiser)

Live in a town in Palestine
He`s always running...always running
Mossad killer lies in wait
He`s always hunting...always hunting
The smell of death is in the air
All around the gaza strip
He deletes another name
from the neverending death list !!

Shot...Shot down...
A perfect world in black and white
Shot...Shot down...
For some an anti terror fight
Shot...Shot down...
For some a war of liberation
Guns and bombs promise salvation ?!

Shot...Shot down in the streets of Palestine
Who pulled the fucking trigger ?
Who will be the next in line ?
Shot...Shot down in the streets of the U.S.
Was it a terrorist attack ? And who will be...
...who will be the fucking next ?


Oh-Oh-Oh The whole world´s burning down !
Who´s the last in town ?

The stone that was thrown
and hit the middle east
Bounces back into the streets
of the west eventually
Zero security now !
Man, this ain`t no thriller !
Check 99 persons, Nr.100 is the killer !!

Yeah...Yeah who will be the next in line ?
In the Hamas or C.I.A. commanded crime
Secret agent`s lurking in the dark
Counterworld`s shot down in the backyard !!