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SCRAPY @ myspace.com The Label: Grover
The Story Of Tommy And Micky
(Music & Lyrics: Kaiser)

(This is) The Story of Tommy and Micky yeah yeah yeah
Two punx out on a mission yeah yeah yeah
Two shots in the back didn't miss him yeah yeah yeah
The Story of Tommy and Micky yeah yeah yeah

Micky:Just look at me, what can you see? Manipulation!
Who pulls the strings? Who's setting trends?
Just think about it!
Tommy:They're telling you what you should do,
how you should act!
The national interest wants us to react!
Who is the enemy? They're telling you!
A thousand times...A thousand lies!!
Both:On and on we eat their shit!
In our face we're getting hit!
Oh – T.V. keeps running!!
Micky:Just look at him! (This) white collar gimp!
Just think about it!
He pulls the strings! He's setting trends!
Tommy:I'm telling you, I'm fucking through
with all that shit!
This time I'm not the one who's going to get hit!
You are the enemy! Now pay for your crimes!
A thousand times! A thousand times!

On and on we eat their shit...

(This was) The Story of Tommy and Micky...