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SCRAPY @ myspace.com The Label: Grover
Ok, here are some mp3s for you – You surely know what to do: right-click the 'download'-link and choose 'save target as...'. And in case you like that songs and even want some more of them, try right-clicking the displayed title at the small audio player down at the left. There you'll find the option 'Download this song'.

the smart sensation
The Smart Sensation 3m 4s lyrics mp3 2,2 MB
This Generation 4m 43s lyrics mp3 3,3 MB

unsteady times
Roots Rockers 3m 37s lyrics mp3 1,5 MB
Sad Nights In Soho 4m 3s lyrics mp3 2,8 MB
Back Outta Jail (weird version) 2m 47s lyrics mp3 2,0 MB
The Boys Are Back 3m 38s lyrics mp3 1,5 MB
Shot Down 2m 49s lyrics mp3 2,7 MB

saturday night...
Local Pub 3m 3s mp3 2,9 MB
Skinhead, Boots And Reggae 3m 55s mp3 2,7 MB
Saturday Night Drink Activists 3m 18s mp3 2,3 MB